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Grandparents Australia

The Uluru Statement from the Heart

GPA offers its support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart

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Grandparents Australia

Grandparents Australia Inc. was formed in 2002 as a non-profit organisation to:


For a First Nations Voice to Parliament

GPA is urging all politicians to support the ‘yes’ vote in the upcoming referendum on The Voice to Parliament.

Abolition of Corporal Punishment

GPA believes that violence against children is never appropriate, even in the context of discipline.

Raise Minimum Age for Criminal Responsibility

GPA believes children across Australia should be in schools and playgrounds, not prison cells.

Against Fast-Tracking Children for Adoption

GPA supports the GPV/KCV Board writing to all federal members of parliament to outline concerns with the approach to adoption being taken in NSW.

Adequate Income Support for Jobseekers

GPA believes that everyone has the right to a life free from poverty. We are concerned about the inadequacy of the Jobseeker (formerly Newstart) Payment

Deliver Programs that Improve Children's Play

The central driver of this campaign was the fact that in 2013 the United Nations nominated children’s play as an issue of international significance.

Regulate to Keep Families Safe from Alcohol Harm

GPA believes that the easy availability of alcohol is problematic and that measures should be introduced to control its sale.

Supporting Marriage Equality for All

GPA supported those campaigning for marriage equality, encouraging people to vote ‘yes’ in the Government’s plebiscite.

Improve the Quality of Aged Care

GPA is driven by a desire to see improvements in the aged care sector across the nation.

More Flexible Working Hours for Families

GPA believes it is necessary to strike a balance between working life and family responsibilities.

Grandparents — are we expecting too much? - ABC Radio Program Parental as Anything

Grandparents do so much for our kids. But not every family has a Nanny or Pop in their life. And even when they do, keeping the peace can be tricky.

How do you celebrate the joy grandparents bring to your family, while still forging your own path as a parent? How do you ask them not to spoil your kids, or discipline them like it’s 1985? And do you rely too much on them for free childcare?

Anne McLeish, director of Grandparents Australia, joins host of Parental As Anything Maggie Dent, to celebrate the benefits – but to also offer tips on how to foster relationships from afar, what to do if tensions arise over child rearing ideas and what to say if a grandparent is not in their life at all.

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Voice to Parliament

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It’s that time of year again – Budget time!

A statement from Anne McLeish, Director Kinship Carers Victoria Wednesday, 19 April 2023 As we approach each and every budget, vulnerable families, particularly kinship famili...

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