Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 1: We are all born free and equal

Article 2: Freedom from Discrimination

Article 3: Right to Life

Article 4: Freedom from Slavery

Article 5: Freedom from Torture

Article 6: Right to Recognition Before the Law

Article 7: Right to Equality Before the Law

Article 8: Right to Remedy

Article 9: Freedom from Arbitrary Detention

Article 10: Right to a Fair Trial

Article 11: Presumption of Innocence and International Crimes

Article 12: Right to Privacy

Article 13: Freedom of Movement

Article 14: Right to Asylum

Article 15: Right to Nationality

Article 16: Right to Marry and to Found a Family

Article 17: Right to Own Property

Article 18: Freedom of Religion or Belief

Article 19: Freedom of Opinion and Expression

Article 20: Freedom of Assembly and Association

Article 21: A Short Course in Democracy

Article 22: Right to Social Security

Article 23: Right to Work

Article 24: Right to Rest and Leisure

Article 25: Right to Adequate Standard of Living

Article 26: Right to Education

Article 27: Right to Cultural, Artistic and Scientific Life

Article 28: Right to a Free and Fair World

Article 29: Duty to Your Community

Article 30: Rights are Inalienable